For Flying Site Landowners

Insurance coverage for owners of flying sites as additional insureds

  • USHPA and Flight School Policies

    Recreation RRG policies issued to USHPA and Flight Schools provide additional insured coverage for landowners at flying sites across the country. 

  • USHPA Chapter Managed Flying Sites

    USHPA chapters may obtain additional insured coverage for landowners of flying sites the chapters manage through the master policy issued to USHPA. This coverage protects landowners from claims related to recreational hang gliding and paragliding on their property. It does not cover any form of teaching for compensation.

  • PASA Certified Flight School Operations at Flying Sites

    PASA certified schools can likewise obtain additional insured  coverage for landowners of flying sites where they teach through their commercial school policies.  This coverage protects landowners from claims related to the teaching of hang gliding and paragliding for compensation by those schools. 

  • $1 Million Limits

    Minimum Limits: $1 million per occurrence, $1 million aggregate
    The minimim policy limit is $1 million per occurrence, with a $1 million annual aggregate.  Additional limits available.

  • No sub-limits

    The $1 million per occurrence limit is a real occurrence limit - there are no gimmicky "sub-limits" per injured person.
  • Occurrence, Not Claims Made Cover

    The coverage is written on an occurrence basis, not a claims-made basis. What this means is that if an accident happens and a claim results, the landowner is covered even if a claim  is not filed until some years have passed. Because there are no sub-limits, the full $1 million value of the policy is available to defend the landowner, not some lower "sub-limit" amount .