FAQs For Our Landowners

Protection of landowners from liability claims has been a focus of the sport of hang gliding and paragliding from the very earliest days. Since the 1970s, the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association has maintained liability insurance coverage which includes protection for landowners who are named as "additional insureds" on its master policy. Known in the sport as "site insurance", it insures the owners of sites, not the sites themselves. Today, Recreation RRG provides this vital coverage for landowners through the USHPA master liability policy and through policies issued to flight schools.

Key facts for landowners:

  • Financial Strength

    Recreation RRG is well capitalized and backed by reinsurance issued by A (Excellent) XV rated insurance companies. The RRG is owned by USHPA, PASA and flight schools, all of whom have a compelling interest in maintaining its financial strength. Without a strong RRG to provide liability insurance coverage for our sport, hang gliding and paragliding in the United States would be nearly impossible due to lack of access to flying sites. We are in this for the long term; Flying is our passion.
  • Risk Management

    The management team of the RRG is intimately familiar with the sport and with risk management for the flying community. We have decades of experience with the operational and legal aspects of hang gliding and paragliding.  Most of the board members are pilots, and one is an owner of a flight school. The non-pilot on the board has several decades of experience in the management and profitable growth in the professional liability insurance industry.
  • Claims Experience

    Our claims managment team has decades of experience defending personal injury claims in the sports world.
  • Service

    For our landowners, we want the rare instance of a claim to be a complete non-event. We handle the entire process, bear all of the legal defense costs and (if any) damage awards, and strive to insulate you from the claim to the greatest extent possible. 
  • Landowner Involvement Rare

    Claims against landowners are extraordinarily rare in our history. Nontheless, we insure for that rare event.