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Focused On Recreational Sports; Focused On Managing Your Risk

Recreation Risk Retention Group (Recreation) provides a stable, innovative and long term market for liability insurance and risk management programs for members of the recreational sporting sector committed to actively managing risks.
The recreational sporting sector includes a wide variety of activities such as hang gliding, paragliding, powered paragliding, hiking trails, and parasailing.

Origins in Uncertainty and Volatility

Before 2016, the availability and pricing of liability insurance for the free flight recreational sport community was uncertain and volatile. That all changed when the traditional insurance companies that had been providing liability insurance to free flight announced they would no longer be a market.
That announcement left the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) together with its members, chapters, landowners, event organizers and instructors, without a ready source of liability insurance. Unfortunately, the uncertainty and volatility of the traditional liability insurance marketplace is an all-too-common experience for many recreational sporting groups, especially over the past decade.

Risk Retention Group Brings Certainty and Stability

After researching the best way to solve their insurance crisis on a long term stable basis, USHPA and a number of free flight schools created Recreation in 2016, structured as a risk retention group. A risk retention group is a unique form of insurance company established under federal law (the Liability Risk Retention Act) to provide liability insurance to members.
The hallmarks of Recreation, and any successful risk retention group, are an unwavering commitment to serve its members for the long term, and to risk management. All insureds commit to Recreation, and by extension commit to all other member insureds, to make safe operations and risk management top priorities for their entity. Dedication to these two priorities not only makes it possible to have insurance, but also provides a positive promotional message to current and future participants in our members' sports.
In exchange, Recreation commits to its insureds that it will, to the best of its ability, be there for the long term. Recreation doesn't insure other lines of business. Its sole focus is liability insurance for recreational sports programs. That's what we do. It's all we do. We do it for the long term.

Recreation's Commitment

Recreation is committed to innovation, policyholder service, and long-term market presence. Contact us to find out more...we're always ready to tell you about Recreation and the benefits of being a member of our risk retention group.