Board and Governance

Recreation Risk Retention Group, Inc. Board and Management

Recreation RRG is managed by a five member board of directors. The directors are chosen annually by a majority vote of the insured shareholders.  All of the directors are hang glider and paraglider pilots with extensive experience in corporate management. Two officers serve in a non-voting capacity as corporate secretary and risk management officer and as assistant corporate secretary.

Bill Bolosky
President and Board Member

Bill Bolosky is a former president of USHPA and of the Foundation For Free Flight, and a senior researcher at Microsoft Corporation.

Mark Forbes
Treasurer and Board Member

Mark Forbes is an electronic design engineer, hang glider, paraglider and ultralight pilot, and USHPA's treasurer and insurance chairman.


Timothy Herr
Secretary and Risk Management Officer

Tim Herr is a practicing attorney in California and serves as corporate counsel for USHPA.

David Leggett
Board Member

David Leggett is a business owner in Pennsylvania, hang glider pilot and former president of both USHPA and the Foundation.

Steve Kroop
Board Member

Steve Kroop is the US representative for Flytec Instruments, a hang glider pilot and USHPA regional director.


Patricia Henderson
Assistant Secretary

Patricia Henderson is an insurance industry professional based in Burlington, Vermont, specializing in the management of Risk Retention Groups.

Calef Letorney
Board Member

Calef Letorney is a Paragliding flight school owner in Vermont, who has served on the board of directors of USHPA.